The Content Creator Awards 2017!

One of my favorite things about the last few days of any year is browsing through all the listicles that get posted on the Interwebs. Whether it’s “Best Movies of 2017” or “Game of the Year” or even “Most undeserving Trending Gamers” there is something about seeing  all the content you’ve enjoyed  all year neatly summarized and digestible in bite sized chunks.

Of course, these lists don’t write themselves. These are being provided to me by several amazing content creators that have worked all year to bring me their amazing work. That’s why this year, instead of sharing my favorite movie and or video games, i’m going to Award my favorite content creators.

Your physical trophies are in the mail…but what’s that? Oh Canada Post just told me they got lost. SORRY!




Winner: Eric Bailey (@Nintendo_Legend)

Eric Bailey embodies everything I want Twitter to be. Interaction, wit, insight, wholesome content and going viral all the time.
Every since I started following this guy, it has been a constant inspiration to raise the bar on my own output and generally trying to do and be better.
If you aren’t following the Nintendo Legend already, I highly recommend fixing this in 2018!



Winner: Charles Singletary Jr. (@The_CSJR)

Just as Eric sets Twitter goals for me, Charles has been setting writing goals (Which I haven’t met) ever since we got acquainted.
After a rollercoaster of a year, i’ve seen Charles consistently put out high quality content which eventually led to him landing a spot as the Gaming/Tech News Editor at Shacknews.
If I had half the talent this dude has, I wouldn’t be posting this list on my own dumb website, I probably would have been paid for it. The only thing controversial about Charles is his terrible taste in movies and comic books, booiiiiiiii.



Winner: What’s Good Games

New in 2017, the ladies of What’s Good Games have taken my playlist by storm. The podcast bring newsworthy discussions, great insights and just the right amount of salt. With four winning personalities on the couch, it’s hard to not carve out some time every week to sit back and hang out with Andrea, Britt, Steimer and Alexa Ray. To further Seal the Deal, knowing the podcast supports several charities is definitely a winning feature for me in 2017.



Winner: Easy Allies

The Allies are currently in their second year on their own and they are still killing it in the content department. With several podcasts, Let’s Plays, tabletop escapades and of course the infamous “Betting Specials” a subscription to their channel has a whole lot of bang for your buck. As they have recently brought back the “Restrospectives” I cannot wait what they’ll come up with in 2018.



Winner: Movies with Mikey

It’s hard to even describe how much I love this show. Not only is every episode insightful, amazing and a genuine loveletter to film, it just rubs Mikey’s raw talent in your face every single time.
The show itself is well written, well performed and then edited to a level that just makes me want to flip a table and stop being creative forever, because why bother anyway, it will never be as good as this. Movies with Mikey has made me love movies I didn’t like before, made me cry at work (Looking at you, Arrival episode) and has given me something to strive for creatively.
The man behind the show is also a fantastic human being, which in a world of Milkshake Ducks, is definitely a blessing.



Winner: Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder 

Wait, didn’t you just say Movies with Mikey is like the best show ever?
Yes, BUT, I have created a whole new category, just to talk about this show because I am the boss and I can do whatever I want. HA! Take that, random Internet commenter!

OPCD is the perfect show for people like me who get hung up on little things in movies or TV shows that I could talk about forever even though nobody else seems to care.
Daniel O’Brien covers these exact things with an energy that might go too fast for some, but just plays on the right wavelength for me. While I watch most of my Youtube content on 150% speed, this is a show you have to watch at a regular setting or DOB might actually bounce off the screen. I highly recommend checking out this show.



Winner: Jake Baldino 

There are a lot of Youtube personalities that have over 18 billion subscribers while I have literally never heard of them. But do you know who I HAVE heard of? Jake Baldino.
Jake is the face of a pretty popular channel called “Gameranx” and has his own little sideshow “BecauseVideoGames”. While both channels bring amazing content, this Award goes directly to the FACE. Jake himself is such a great guy who despite his Youtube fame is incredibly approachable, helpful to others, uses his influence for the greater good and also has amazing hair.
In a world where kids look up to (Shitty) Youtubers, we need every Jake we can get. I hope his brand inspires a new generation of talent that will bring balance to the snarkfest that is Youtube personalities.



Winner: The Hashtagonist

Wait what?
Deal with it!
Now where’s my Award?


Disclaimer: While there are many other content creators I have enjoyed, the winners above are the ones I returned to the most in 2017. I have left out most of my own content, which was truly heartbreaking. Stay tuned for 2018 where i’ll come with a list of “Most anticipated Award Winners 2018” which will include a few lesser known creators as well.




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