Infallible Heroes

In a time where anyone has a shot at Internet fame, there is no scarcity when it comes to content and content creators. Not only is there someone out there for anyone, thanks to Social Media Internet celebrities are more approachable than ever. Sometimes they even get so approachable, that fans feel a genuine bond between themselves and the content creator.¬†At other times, these content creator gets placed upon the highest of pedestals…until they say something fucking stupid.

The Hero

It’s hard to watch when a person you have admired says something fucking stupid. Especially when you have dedicated hours and hours of your time consuming their content, supported them publicly or even financially. It’s even harder when the stupid fucking thing draws the ire of the Internet. Despite the stupid fucking thing, your favorite content creator doesn’t deserve such hate, because let’s face it, he or she was just speaking their mind for a bit. Should people truly be judged harshly by a single act, when the content they provide is fantastic?

The Fan

It’s natural for a fan to rush to the defense of the person you admire, hell, you might even defend the idea or even agree with it to show your never ending support.

But you shouldn’t. Seriously, a bad take is a bad take. Fighting someone’s battle on Twitter to show you are a good fan, even though the thing is clearly fucking stupid isn’t necessary. Feel free to keep enjoying someone’s content, but holy shit, keep your heroes accountable when you can.


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