Parental Advisory: The Division

We all have days like these. You are rushing to get out of bed, rushing to go to work, rushing all day at work, rushing home, rushing to make dinner, rushing to get the kids to bed and then when the house is finally quiet, you get to sit down with a glass of (strong) alcohol to play a game. . . after you watch a show you aren’t really interested in, but it’s nice to spend some time with your significant other. But then, everyone is going to bed and you finally get to play some video games.

You have one hour…you need something to pick up and play.

Let’s get one thing out of the way. The Division is a bleak, violent shooter and even has pooping dogs. Unlike my last recommendation Amplitude, I suggest to make sure that everyone is asleep before log into this one. That being said, I love The Division.

If you haven’t heard what The Division is, it’s a post apocalyptic shooter that takes place on the island of Manhattan. You are an agent of The Division, a sleeper cell of highly trained men and women who get called in when shit hits the fan. It is safe to say that the shit has significantly hit the fan when your highly trained, super skilled and the last line of defence gets called into action armed to the teeth with. . . starter gear. No worries though, the first thug you kill has a better gun than you have. YAY loot progression!


Shooter tropes aside, I do love the gameplay. The Division offers a third person shooting experience and it is incredibly satisfying. Yes, your enemies can take WAY to many bullets for a regular person in a hoodie, but realism in shooters would make for terrible gameplay, so i’ll just get over it.

A non-zombie apocalypse is refreshing and the team has done an incredible job capturing Manhattan in the game. Although I am not really convinced on the story (yet) and some elements of the game make me feel like a cold blooded killer a little too much, The Division is still a perfect game for me.

Why? Because i can play for either 2 hours or for 20 minutes and get the exact same experience which is exactly what I need right now!

I played The Division for 20 minutes yesterday. Within this time I managed to hook up with a random player, did one of the larger story missions, shot a bunch of bad guys, got some loot, leveled up and went to bed.

On Monday, i had a little bit more time and got to play for 2 hours or so. Within that time I managed to hook up with with a few random players, did two of the larger story missions, shot a bunch of bad guys, got some loot, leveled up twice and went to bed.


Although I got to do a little more of everything in the longer play session, it was equally satisfying. Acknowledging I am only level 11 at this point, I have not felt the need to grind and progression feels smooth and immediate. I’m sure this experience will change later on, especially when dipping into the Dark Zone, but for now, every game session feels like progression. Every time i turn on The Division it’s a quick fix to scratch that gaming itch and I am loving it.

I’m not going to lie though, I wish they DID bring zombies into this game. It would be an amazing Walking Dead Simulator.

Did you play The Division? What is your take on it? Am I missing out by not sinking in 8 hours game sessions? IS THAT DOG POOPING AGAIN? Let me know in the comments.

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