Parental Advisory: Uncharted 4

We all have days like these. You are rushing to get out of bed, rushing to go to work, rushing all day at work, rushing home, rushing to make dinner, rushing to get the kids to bed and then when the house is finally quiet, you get to sit down with a glass of (strong) alcohol to play a game. . . after you watch a show you aren’t really interested in, but it’s nice to spend some time with your significant other. But then, everyone is going to bed and you finally get to play some video games.

You have one hour…you need something to pick up and play.


Let’s get one thing out of the way first. Uncharted 4 is not a very long game. I was able to beat the game within a week by only making some slight sacrifices to my sleep schedule. I DID however play the game on “Moderate” like the filthy casual that I am, but i got the credits to roll in about 16 hours. Which is perfect to me, because I have a lot of other things to play. The story is relatively streamlined and doesn’t drag on as much as Uncharted 2 and 3 did. I LOVE being able to finish a game quickly, which is why i am recommending it to all parents and other “pressed for time” gamers.

The chapter structure in Uncharted 4 allows you to pace yourself a little as every chapter is around 45 minutes long. This makes playing through the game very manageable as you can easily “allow” yourself to play a single chapter a night, or when your spouse tells you “It’s 11:30, you have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow, you should really come to bed” you can riposte with “Actually, i only need about 24 more minutes to finish this chapter and THEN i’ll come to bed”.


Hands on, Hands off

Another thing i really appreciated in Uncharted 4, was that there were long stretches where I didn’t even have to touch the controller. I wish there were more video games where I can eat my Sweet Chilli rice crackers while still enjoying a game.

“But Mr. Hashtagonist, Mr. Hashtagonist, how can you call it a game when you aren’t even PLAYING?”

Honestly, have you SEEN Uncharted 4?

Something really weird happened while I was playing through Uncharted. During some parts, where I was actually controlling Nathan Drake, I forgot I was playing a game. Even though my hands pressed all the buttons to get Drake across some fancy-pants auction house, there was a bit of disconnect between my hands and my brain and I was just coming along for the ride. At the same time, at the parts where you are just watching cinematics, I often forgot I wasn’t watching a movie and had Drake standing still for a few seconds before I realized I had to pick up the remote and do stuff. Well played Naughty Dog, well played.



The action shoot-y bang bang parts in Uncharted can get pretty intense but are never annoyingly hard. Because I don’t believe in stealth, i pretty much had to shoot my way out of every situation and although it required some creative strategies sometimes, it never required hardcore shooting skills. In some of the fights, I died several times over before I finally learned my lesson and tried a different approach but thanks to the quick reloads, it never felt like I was wasting my evening on a single chunk of game. Each time i put away my DS4 at night, I had made significant progress, which is not something any other game can promise these days *cough* Dark Souls *cough*.


The Multiplayer adds some significant time to the game as well and i think that…oh no, sorry I can’t do it. I have absolutely zero interest in the Multiplayer, but it’s probably pretty good. If I want to get humiliated by a bunch of people more talented then me, I’ll just go to the office, thanks!



The chapters are nice and short, but still stand on their own. You will find yourself saying “One more episode…” every now and then, but thanks to the Suspend and Resume functionality of the PS4 you can easily drop out mid firefight and come back the next day. Uncharted 4 isn’t just a great game for pick up and play, it’s a great game in general. You should definitely get this game. It’s SO good.

How long did it take you to finish Uncharted 4? Did you plow through it, or did you savour it like a fine glass of wine? Am I a fool for not caring about the multiplayer? Let me know in the comments!

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